BioMerieux Award


BioMerieux Award

The ESCV Award for Leadership in Syndromic Infectious Disease Testing, sponsored by bioMérieux, is awarded annually for contributions to syndromic testing in the area of viral diagnosis. Only ESCV members are eligible for the Award.

Holders of the BioMerieux Award

Year Award winner Country
2023 Marcus Panning Germany
2022 Nicole Fisher Germany
2021 Catherine Moore Wales, UK
2020 Judith Breuer United Kingdom
2019 Paulo Paixao Lisbon, Portugal
2018 Eric Claas Leiden, The Netherlands
2017 Albert Heim Hannover, Germany
2016 Kate Templeton Edinburgh, Scotland UK
2015 Klaus Hedman Helsinki, Finland


Award Description

The ESCV Award for Leadership in Syndromic Infectious Disease Testing consists of €3,000 + Trophy.  The awardee is invited to give an oral presentation at the Annual Meeting of the ESCV. The name of the recipients will be published on the ESCV Website after the Annual Meeting. A member may receive the Award only once.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for the award should be investigators of Syndromic Infectious Disease Testing holding a PhD or MD (on deadline day for application) and must be members of the ESCV. Appropriate research in the field of Syndromic Infectious Disease Testing, with emphasis on Virology, may be based on virological diagnostics, clinical studies, and/or laboratory investigations.  Candidates for the Award must have been first or last author of one or more papers on syndromic testing of viral diagnosis published in a refereed scientific journal during the two years prior to the nomination. When the nomination is assessed, the candidate’s previous scientific contribution in this field will also be taken into consideration.

Application Procedure

Complete Applications must be received by the ESCV Executive Committee before the deadline for abstract submission for the Annual Meeting. Each application should include:

  1.   Curriculum vitae
  2.   Complete list of publications
  3.   Copies of original papers published or accepted for publication
  4.   Abstract submitted to the Annual Meeting
  5.   One-page summary explaining the significance of the work and contribution to Syndromic Infectious Disease Testing

Award Decision

Nominees and applications should be submitted to the ESCV Executive Committee for review.  The ESCV Executive Committee will decide the final recipient of the award. Presentation of the award will be made at the ESCV annual meeting alongside a bioMérieux representative.