The Society provides a limited number of fellowships to researchers to enable them to visit Centers for Clinical or Diagnostic Virology in Europe, in order to learn special or new techniques that are of value for their future clinical or laboratory work. The money required for the Training Fellowships is derived in part from the Society’s reserve funds. In part it is collected specially for that purpose from commercial sponsors. Dedicated sponsoring of individual Training Fellowships will be duly acknowledged. The total amount available for each year will be approved at the Annual General Meeting of each preceding year. The regulations are specified below.



Applicants should have a basic professional qualification in clinical or diagnostic virology. They should currently be affiliated to a biomedical institution and should intend to return to this institution after completing the traineeship. The subject of the proposed training should relate to clinical or diagnostic virology. The Head of the Host Laboratory/Department should be an ESCV member.


The Training Fellowships have an upper limit of Euro 5,000, and are available for a period of study up to 12 months. It will be an advantage if the requirement for the requested stipend is for travel or expenses that complement a regular income provided by the current employer. Bench fees (e.g. expenses for consumables) will not be funded.


Application form can be downloaded from or are available from the ESCV Treasurer’s Office. A brief well-founded work plan and a detailed budget should be submitted together with the application form. In addition, the name of one referee who is an ESCV member is required, as well as a letter from the Head of the Host Institution, indicating acceptance of the applicant for the period of training.


Deadlines for submission are June 1st and December 1st of each year. Applications must be submitted to the ESCV Treasurer’s Office. Applications will be considered by mem­bers the ESCV Executive, and applicants will be informed of the decisions within 2 months. Successful applications will be reported at the ESCV Council and Annual General Meeting.


After being awarded, a Fellowship must be taken up within the following 18 months. Upon termination, a short report (two A4 pages) should be sent to the ESCV Secretary. The report should indicate whether any publications are likely to arise from the work done.


Recipients of the Training Fellowships commit themselves to publish, whenever pos­sible, the scientific and/or medical data derived from the period of study in primary peer-reviewed journals. In such publications or at related presentations by the recipients at meetings, sponsorship by ESCV and associated sponsors should be duly acknowledged.